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A Photography, Video and TikTok competition with the theme ‘The Frontiers of Geriatric Medicine’ will be held in conjunction with MCGM 2022. The deadline for submission is 30 June 2022.

To facilitate the submission process and the subsequent follow up process, please consider the following general rules:

  • Video/photos must be the original work of the participant.

  • Participants are responsible in obtaining consent for any subjects appearing in their work.

  • Contents must comply with local laws.

  • Winners will be judged based on quality (photo/video), relevance, and creativity. The judges reserve the final rights, no negotiation will be entered into with respect to any such decision.



  • The file name should start with participant’s first name, underscore, last name/ surname, underscore, then the title of your entry.  Example: DavidKaiLun_Tan_The Reality of Aging

  • Submit your entries through WeTransfer  to

  • Please include the following details in the ‘Message’ field:

a) First name

b) Last name / Surname

c) Email

d) Contact number

e) Entry for: [insert the category, example: Videos]

f) A title or short description of your work (max 200 words)


  • Photography:

a) Photos must be in its original state and cannot be altered in any way.

b) Minimum resolution is 3000 DPI in JPG or PNG formats.

  • Video:

a) Videos may be edited for context delivery and clarity.

b) Minimum resolution is 720p and maximum length of the video is 3 minutes in MP4 / MOV / WMV / AVI format.

  • TikTok:

a) TikTok video may be edited for context delivery and clarity.

b) Maximum duration of your TikTok video is 2 minutes.

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